Collaborative Research

The PBRU is pursuing an ambitious collaborative research programme with leading European research institutions, with Industry and also partnerships within the University of Liverpool.

Our translational research follows 6 themes:

  • Drug discovery and development of new interventions
  • Application of new diagnostic and imaging strategies
  • Validation of new biomarkers and screening protocols
  • Early Phase Trials
  • Collaborative Technology Platforms
  • Industrial Partnerships

    We have particular interest in basic and preclinical research, which includes:

    • Calcium signalling
    • Biomarker discovery
    • Drug discovery
    • Models of disease

    We also have an extensive clinical research programme in the following areas:

    • Drug development
    • Imaging technologies
    • Genetic risk factors
    • Surgical interventions

    BRU Research Areas 











    Diagram shows Specific Research Areas and their relationship to preclinical science and spin out/commercialisation. The four Science Areas (light blue) cross the first translational gap between science (dark blue) and application (brown). The two cross-cutting Areas (Collaborative Technology Platforms and Industrial Partnerships, orange) feed into all four Science Areas, where there is synergy from overlap.