Information for Companies

The Liverpool PBRU has a track record on working in partnership with companies of all sizes to support the development of new therapeutic and diagnostic strategies. We provide a single interface with which companies can engage to access Liverpool-based resources and expertise.

We deliver high quality services to companies, with our overriding ambition to reduce their substantial human and financial costs, while contributing to the translational capability of the UK economy.

Our approach is informed by what we perceive to be needs of the health Industry:
• access to knowledge, technology and scientific capability pools;
• discovery and development of novel markers, targets and chemical entities;
• observational and interventional trial capacity;
• accurately described patient cohorts with comprehensive sampling strategies;
• optimal governance and quality control to GCP and GCLP standards;
• working to, and timely progression through, milestones;
• water-tight protection of intellectual property.

Complementarily, the needs our Trust/University partnership has of Industry include:
• recognition of potential market opportunities in Pancreatology;
• awareness of our increasing capacity and reputation for partnership;
• engagement to strengthen any or more than one stage of translation;
• consideration of different imperatives in different sectors;
• use of prompt and effective two-way communication to facilitate trust and understanding;
• pursuit of joint efforts to achieve goal alignment without compromising core values;
• adaptability of approach to intellectual property protection.
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